When a group of mostly entry-level young professionals – who make less than $60,000 a year – can fund over $20,000 in grants, donate over $40,000 worth of skills and yield a $1,000,000 return on their philanthropic investment – I call it ground-breaking. I call it inspiring. I call it the reason why I’m so passionate about the work that young philanthropists are doing to create change. As co-founder of a 5,000 strong young philanthropist organization founded to harness the charitable power of young givers, I stand amazed but not surprised to watch the innovative, awe-inspiring, transformational work that young philanthropists are doing with little money and limited time.

Capital Cause Young Philanthropists challenge the old construct of philanthropy that traditionally defines philanthropists as wealthy – like Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates. By transforming communities through collective giving and thoughtful action, Capital Cause Young Philanthropists are re-defining philanthropy by showing value in the small gift. Through their actions, they are makeing false the assumption that you have to be wealthy and well-established in order to create massive change in communities. They are creating truth in the concept that if you have the audacity to think you can make a difference for pennies on the dollar and with only a little time to spare… you can!

Change-making in the 21st century is happening, and I am eager to see the outcome left in young philanthropists’ altruistic wake. Are you ready to make change?  Join Capital Cause and become part of a movement poised to change the world.

Kezia M. Williams | @keziamw |

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Mission & What We Do

Capital Cause is a 501c3 nonprofit that enables young philanthropists to maximize their financial and skills-based contributions through collective giving. Our mission is to revolutionize the way young people give back and to build a new generation of donors committed to change communities. Capital Cause achieves this mission by engaging Young Philanthropists  in maximizing collective giving in four ways.

Crowd-Funding Nonprofit Projects | Crowd-Sourcing Skills to Build Nonprofit Capacity

Attending Young Philanthropist Fundraisers | Volunteering at Young Philanthropist Service Events 

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