GRANT REPORT: CC Funds Computers and Literacey Software for Youth at Paul Lighthouse Charter School

In June 2013, the Paul Lighthouse Charter School received $2,102 nonprofit grant that was crowd-funded by Capital Cause Young Philanthropists: Anthony E. Harbour (team lead), Shantae Edwards, Ijeoma Nwatu, and Krishana Davis.

Capital Cause Young Philanthropists selected the nonprofit after hearing their pitch to receive support for $2,000 to help increase literacy at a charter school.  Administrators asked for funding to purchase a computer and literacy software that could be utilized on the computer and other computers by the school’s population who were reading below grade level.

How Grant Funds Were Disbursed:

  • $1000– Two Discounted Computers
  • $1000 – Two Software Licenses to Reading A-Z Literacy Program
  • 144 -  Served Children Age 5 – 12

Paul Lighthouse Charter School Testimonials:

  • PLCS Staff - The grant’s impact on Potomac Lighthouse’s mission is
    that it provides us a better chance to close the achievement gap. The grant
    allows us to truly prepare our youngest scholars for college

CLICK HERE to view the full grant report.

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