GRANT REPORT: #Justice4DC Supports #OurLivesMatter and #BlackLivesBlossom Initiative for Black Youth

On September 24, 2014, the inaugural #JUSTICE4DC Giving Circle ( composed of 17 members raised $3100 from 137 donors to fund four social justice organizations with gifts ranging from $600 – $1,000.

Black Swan Academy  (BSA) received $1000 in funding through the #JUSTICE4 Giving Circle infinitive.  BSA used these funds to host two #OurLivesMatter townhall events for youth, and funding will support a #BlackLivesBlossom kite-making initiative taking place during Washington, DC, National Cherry Blossom Festival. How Grant Funds Were Disbursed:

  • $475.00 – Kite-Making Session for #BlackLivesBlossom Event
  • $170.00 – Food (for Classroom Instruction)
  • $131.65 -  Food (for #OurLivesMatter Townhall)
  • $94.14 - Supplies for Philanthropy Sessions and Clothing Drive
  • $79.71 - Transportation Stipends
  • $50.00 – Speaker Fee (for #OurLivesMatter Townhall)

BSA’s Measurable Impact:

  • 540 Instruction Hours Hosted in 16 Sessions for Youth - BSA mentors taught youth about philanthropy and social justice related issues
  • 180 Service-learning hours
  • 200 Townhall Attendees - youth and community members attended inaugural #ourlives matter youth townhall
  • 189 Townhall Attendees – youth and community members have pre-registered for the #ourlivesmatter youth townhall pt. 2
  • 225 Youth Kitemakers – youth will make kites for the #Blacklivesblossom demonstration
  • 270lbs or 20 Coats Collected - youth collected coats to benefit men, women and children seeking support from Bread for the City Southeast

 ===} CLICK HERE to view the full grant report.

===} CLICK HERE and HERE to view event photos.

Inaugural #JUSTICE4DC Giving Circle Members: Robert Bland, Adrianne Burke, Matthew Evans,  Saranah Holmes, Christian Howard, Kristina Jacobs, Alencia Johnson, Tara Mancini, Javier Martinez, Dexter Mccoy, Marcus Mitchell, Cadene Russell, Tisa Silver, Joseph Thomas, Daya Washington, Conrad Woody.

Background on #JUSTICE4DC Giving Circle: Capital Cause #JUSTICE4DC Giving Circle( chose two social justice organizations doing work to end police brutality and fight for social justice.  Those organizations were:  Thursday Network – Greater Washington Urban League and Black Swan Academy. The #JUSTICE4DC Giving Circle chose two finalists for donors to choose between for funding.  Their vote was a tie, and as a result two organizations received $600 in funding.  Dream Defenders and National Black United Front were the resulting grant recipients.

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