Funded: 40 Food Baskets Donated to Ward 7 Families

Funded – 40 Food Baskets to Families Living in DC’s Ward 7 (Boots on the Ground)

 Cause: Poverty

Project:  According to the Food & Research Action Center, DC’s Ward 7 & 8 is ranked #1 among cities who have the most families (with children) who experience food insecurity.  Thirty-seven point four percent (or 37.4%) of DC families with children report not being able to afford enough food to feed their families.  The Capital Cause Giving Circles Team – Boots on the Ground – used their fundraising skills to assist with reducing the problem of hunger in DC’s Ward 7 by attempting to provide 50 food baskets and grocery store gift cards to Ward 7 families.  The Giving Circles Team asked donors to assist in off-setting the cost of the food baskets by launching a social media compaign.  Each food basket cost $50.00.

The project was completed November 3, 2012.

Impact: Giving Circles Project team raised $2,000 to fund 40 food baskets to 40 families living in DC’s Ward 7.

Young Philanthropists Participating:  Jalisa Whitley,  Nicole Battle, Matthew Lawrence, Brittney Hamilton, Courtney Hill

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