Funded – Free #Loadsoflove Laundry Day in DC Ward 8

Funded:  #LoadsOfLove Laundry Day for DC’s Ward 8 Residents

Cause:  Poverty

Project: Three Young Philanthropists activated raise $1,350 host a free community laundry day for families who could afford monthly laundry expenses.  Families were recommended by social workers who supported local DC Ward 8 Elementary Schools.  The project idea was inspired by one-on-one talks the team participants had with school administrators, teachers and counselors about how they could work together to meet a need in their schools.  The feedback was that many children came to school with dirty clothing and as a result were distracted from learning.  The laundry day was hosted on May 5, 2013.

Impact: Team involved 60 unique donors in donating $1350 to assist 36 families (to include 75 children) with washing 140 loads of laundry.

Young Philanthropists Participating:  Latasha Williams, Ora Wiseman, Kalphria Wilson


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