Grant Report: CC-Funds Homeless Childrens Playtime Project | 3 Youth Go to Camp

In June 2013, the Homeless Children’s Playtime Project received $2,066 nonprofit grant that was crowd-funded by three Capital Cause Young Philanthropists.  Angelique Moss, Damita Robertson and Tiffanie Wager – all Capital Cause Young Philanthropists – selected the nonprofit after hearing their pitch to receive support for $2,000 to fund tuition to send three homeless youth to camp.  The three women participated in three Capital Cause training sessions, which informed them of how to raise funds, use social media to leverage their network and taught them how to plan for projects.  Using this knowledge, they participated in Capital Cause Giving Circles Projects and raised funds over 60 days and exceeded their fundraising goal of $2,000 to send three youth without homes to  YMCA’s Camp Letts for an entire week.

How Grant Funds Were Disbursed:

  • $1635 – Paid Tuition for 3 Youth to Attend YMCA’s Camp Letts
  • $431 – Backpacks, Sleeping Bags and Bugspray were Provided for Each of the Three Youth Attending YMCA’s Camp Letts.

Homeless Children’s Playtime Project Testimonials:

  • Child #1 - “We went to the pool and we ate dinner. We ate lots of things! And the best thing was the ice cream for dessert! Then we went to bed, woke up and went to the flag pole.  We came back and had lunch. The best thing was when we went to the pool. There was a swim test!”
  • Child #2 - “We had a siesta and fiesta, and we had a disco. It was like a party before we had to leave. And we had camp fires and drama club.”
  • HCPP Staff - HCPP certainly received a great deal of visibility in the community as a result of receiving this grant. We were able to present information about Playtime Project at the pitch to an audience of 15 – 20 people. Our fundraising leaders spread the word about the Playtime Project through their fundraising efforts, and we were recognized in front of hundreds of people at Capital Cause’s brunch and award ceremony.   We did leverage this grant from Capital Cause to raise additional funds to send more children to camp this summer. In our weekly newsletters this summer, we informed our readers that we had received this grant to send children to camp, and asked them to help us send more children to camp. We were able to raise funds to send seven more children to camp for a total of eleven children.

CLICK HERE to view the full grant report.

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