GRANT REPORT: CC Funds The Institute for Student Health | 25 Youth #DanceDigDine

In June 2013, startup nonprofit managed by Millennials – The Institute for Student Health (The ISH) – received a grant in the amount of $2,074 crowd-funded by three Capital Cause Young Philanthropists.    Daphne Charles (team lead) Richard Ezike and Elda Auxiliaire – all Capital Cause Young Philanthropists – selected the nonprofit after hearing their pitch to receive support for $2,000 to fund tuition to 25 Latino and African-American youth living in DC’s Ward 5 interested in participating in a healthy “Dance, Dig and Dine” living initiative.  The team participated in three Capital Cause training sessions, which informed them of how to raise funds, use social media to leverage their network and taught them how to plan for projects.  Using this knowledge, they participated in Capital Cause Giving Circles Projects and raised funds over 60 days and exceeded their fundraising goal of $2,000 to fund tuition for 25 youth who currently live in a food desert in the District of Columbia.

How Grant Funds Were Disbursed:

  • $1000 – Employee salaries
  • $800 – Gardening equipment, food supplies, cookware
  • $344 – Office expenses including printing and binding of cookbooks.

Homeless Children’s Playtime Project Testimonials:

  • ISH Employee – “This grant has helped to attract new funding. By publicizing our work with students through D3 this summer, we were able to secure a $7,500.00 grant from the Arcus Foundation to run a similar program (Dig&Dine) this fall.”
  • ISH Employee - “This grant enabled us to put our mission into action. Our mission is to provide and connect students with educative tools and resources that facilitate and encourage healthy eating and an active lifestyle. We were able to teach cooking, gardening, and fitness skills to 25 students twice a week for 5 weeks and witnessed students increase their knowledge and skills over the course of the program. In addition, we were excited to watch students share the recipes they learned with their families by giving them the recipe book we made together over the summer.”


CLICK HERE to view the full grant report.

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