Meet the #JUSTICE4FUND Semi-Finalists

Meet the #JUSTICE4FUND Semi-Finalists


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Grants will be awarded September 25, 2014, at the Young Philanthropist Soiree - RSVP HERE


Robert Bland | Adrienne Burke | Keith Cole | Waikinya Clanton | Matthew Evans | Saranah Holmes | Christian Howard | Kristina Jacobs | AlenciaJohnson | Tara Mancin IDexter McCoy |Cadene Russell |Tisa Silver | DeShuna Spencer | Damon Jones | Javier Martinez | Marcus Mitchell, | AmatullahR’id |  Joseph Thomas | Daya Washington | Conrad Woody

BlackManCan Institute ($1500) – TheBlackManCan Institute is designed to uplift, empower, educate, motivate young boys of color. The purpose of TheBlackManCan Institute is to provide comfort and support for boys of color. Boys of Color attending TheBlackManCan Institute can be assured that their cultural needs will be addressed and they will be free to express themselves while fostering brotherhood.  $1500 will cover the entire cost of one TheBlackManCan Institute. 100 young men will have the opportunity to receive ties, TheBlackManCan journal and attend workshops. On average we have over 20 men who volunteer their time to work with young men.

Black Swan Academy ($1000) – Funds will be used to support at least two high-impact service events (in the net 90 days), planned and implemented by our youth. Specifically funds will be used to transport 60 youth to and from community service sites as well as purchase the materials needed. Funds will also be used to offer 25 scholarships for youth to attend a 2.5 day workshop conducted by People’s Institute of Survival and beyond, which promotes an “anti-racism” state of mind and gives youth tools need to uplift themselves and work for social change. The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond focuses on understanding what racism is, where it comes from, how it functions, why it persists and how it can be undone. This workshop utilizes a systemic approach that emphasizes learning from history, developing leadership, maintaining accountability to communities, creating networks, undoing internalized racial oppression and understanding the role of organizational gate keeping as a mechanism for perpetuating racism.

Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality ($2500) -  We will use this gift to implement innovative technological mechanisms to allow for monitoring police activity and provide immediate, documented, actionable information about incidents of police brutality, particularly in urban areas throughout Michigan in order to mobilize citizens to act, and provide evidence to help convict law enforcement perpetrators. We will also build on our efforts to create a statewide coalition of like-minded organizations in Detroit but also areas such as Benton Harbor, Flint, Battle Creek, Saginaw, Lansing and Pontiac. Finally, we will hold stop-and-frisk action rallies, will a particular emphasis on recruiting young people, with the express goal of continuing to bring public attention to the issue, and to continue to put pressure on public officials to address the issue.

Dream Defenders ($1000) -  We will use the funds to deploy our NationBuilder platform, our community organizing system, which will help us turn a our social media following into an active network of social change agents. Our technology platform will be next level social media for social justice, through creating an infrastructure for widespread, yet deep engagement and coordinate resources and action. While this project will be ongoing and has no intended end date, we are looking to launch the platform by December, 2014.  $1000 will pay for 10 months of our NationBuilder expenses. In those 10 months, we plan the activate at least 2,000 Dream Believers. Each of these Believers will be charged with the responsibility of carrying out their own actions in their communities, using Dream Defenders tools, trainings and calls to action. It is central to our strategy that our initiatives are self replicating, because the answer to any given community’s issues lies within the members of that very community. We provide the tools, education, structure, and connection to others with a shared goal. Activated Believers has the potential to impact thousands on their own communities.

National Black United Front ($2,000) - The money given to us by Capital Cause will allow us to fund the operating costs some of our major initiatives, including the dispersal of education on police brutality and the education of the community’s youth through our Saturday school. The amount of $650 will cover the cost of purchasing the science experiment kits that the children will be using at the school. $950 will provide transportation for fifteen students and five parents to travel to the Liberty Science Center in New York as well as to museums in the DC area. This amount would cover a large passenger van with insurance, gas costs, and toll fees. $200 will cover the costs of lunches for all of the students. $485.25 will cover advertising and promotion, and printing prices. $600 would cover the cost of renting space at Howard University for our program against police brutality. All of this would enable us to more successfully reach out to the community, disperse important information, and facilitate programs on the important topics of African-centered education, community building, and police brutality.

Liberated Muse – ($1000) On August 24, 2014 a meeting was called by Liberated Muse Arts Group’s Khadijah Ali-Coleman to gather those in the Black community to begin to develop a plan to address on-going incidents of crisis and victimization of residents by the police. Twenty-one (21) people attended this initial meeting and from that first meeting, we have begun auditing existing services that exist in the area to respond to crisis such as Ferguson if it were to take place in the DC area. In auditing the resources of our community, we are able to assess what is necessary to create or organize in the absence of what is not present. All of our efforts have been purely voluntary. We will like money to begin the process of purchasing our own hardware to have to store our data and begin developing our app. All of the money given to us by Capital Cause will be used in developing our resource app.

Thursday Network | Greater Washington Urban League ($900) –  We want to educate youth on dealing with law enforcement and protecting and advocating themselves. Not only does this address an immediate issue of ensuring young men and women of color can protect themselves in what could be tense interactions with law enforcement, it helps them understand what it means to stand up for themselves to official authorities. As disproportionate numbers of minorities are approached and arrested, it creates a “pipeline” to abuse by officers who target youth based on demographic inconsistencies.  As a local chapter of a national organization, we also have the opportunity to share our progress with other chapters who can enact these steps in their local communities, creating a larger spread in our effectiveness. The resource materials we create can be shared outside of the Greater Washington area also.  $400 will allow us to print quality, laminated cards to provide throughout the Greater Washington Area. $500 will allow us to host at least 4 town hall events in venues large enough to house broader audiences and provide food to attract more participants, ensuring a diverse and productive conversation.


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