Finalists Announced: #JUSTICE4FUND Grantees

Capital Cause announced its first round of #JUSTICE4FUND grantees.  The #JUSTICE4FUND was created by 18 millennial young philanthropists to fund millennial-led social justice organizations implementing innovative solutions to address: racial profiling, police brutality, civil rights, social justice and economic opportunity! Founded in response to the killings of unarmed African-Americans, the #JUSTICE4FUND will fund programs that protect and enhance African-American lives.

One-hundred thirty-four (134) donors contributed to the #JUSTICE4FUND.  The #JUSTICE4FUND Giving Circle voted to fund two organizations, and the third organization will be selected by the donors.  See below for the grantees selected by the Giving Circle:

GOAL:  $2500 .00 | RAISED:  $3569.00

Thursday Network  | Greater Washington Urban League(Grant Request: $900 | Grant Amount Awarded: $900 |  Number Served: 1400 African-American youth and families) The Thursday Network will organize four town halls that will educate 1400 youth and community members about how to interact with law enforcement in accordance with their “End Police Brutality Plan.”  This program is focused on prevention.  Thursday Network wants to participate in the end of police brutality through protective measures for the community, education on dealing with law enforcement and effecting policy changes to mandate proper actions by our local police departments. As a local chapter of a national organization, we also have the opportunity to share our progress with other chapters who can enact these steps in their local communities, creating a larger spread in our effectiveness. The resource materials we create can be shared outside of the Greater Washington area also.

Impact will be measured by event attendance, media coverage, increase in community partners and evaluation/survey of town hall/community forum participants (youth, community, law enforcement, and facilitators)

Black Swan Academy  -  (Grant Request: $1,000 | Grant Amount Awarded: $1,000 | Number Served: 60 African-American youth)  Black Swan Academy is dedicated to creating a pipeline of black young leaders committed to improving self as well as the communities in which they live.  Black Swan Academy will organize two high-impact service events (in the net 90 days), planned and implemented by 60 African-American youth. Specifically funds will be used to transport 60 youth to and from community service sites as well as purchase the materials needed. Funds will also be used to offer scholarships for youth to attend a 2.5 day workshop conducted by People’s Institute of Survival and beyond, which promotes an “anti-racism” state of mind and gives youth tools need to uplift themselves and work for social change. The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond focuses on understanding what racism is, where it comes from, how it functions, why it persists and how it can be undone. This workshop utilizes a systemic approach that emphasizes learning from history, developing leadership, maintaining accountability to communities, creating networks, undoing internalized racial oppression and understanding the role of organizational gate keeping as a mechanism for perpetuating racism.

Donors will vote to determine if Dream Defenders or the National Black United Front – DC receive the third grant award.

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