Capital Cause Hosts: #Justice4Soiree w/Benjamin Crump

During Congressional Black Caucus Week, Capital Cause hosted a soiree to celebrate the #JUSTICE4DC Giving Circle’s success in raising $3,569 from 135 donors in 21 days to benefit 364 lives by funding four organizations doing work to advocate for equal justice end racial profiling, and protect others against police brutality.

Benjamin Crump, attorney for Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown, was invited and attended a special guest.

Grassroots movements are not free, the leaders doing good work on the ground to protect Black lives and advocate for justice do so for good and not profit.  However, their efforts have a cost.  The #Justice4 movements seeks to fund specific projects brainstormed and implemented by social justice change agents through their organizations.

The #Justice4 fund’s first circle was composed of 17 young philanthropists from across the nation, with top raiser being Cadene Russell.

The nonprofits, who received grant awards include:  Dream Defenders, Thursday Network – GWUL Young Professionals, Black Swan Academy, and National Black United Front.  Their projects will disrupt the status quo creating a new paradigm for social change and justice.

 Read more about their projects by visiting the affiliate website:


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