Black Out DC: Capital Cause Supports Black Business

On MLK Day, January 21, 2015, over 50 young philanthropists and young professional engineers gathered at Sankofa Cafe a Black-owned business – to package 100 “Buy Black” stickers for delivery to African-American owned businesses in the Washington, DC area.

Young philanthropists wrote letters to Black-owned businesses, and enclose a sticker for them to post on their businesses.  These stickers were developed with the intention of informing consumers that the business was owned by an African-American.

“Capital Cause was intentional about this project.  African-Americans command one trillion in buying power,” said Kezia Williams “but most Black-owned businesses struggle with identifying repeat consumers that could help them scale their ventures. I brainstormed this idea as a way to connect consumers who are interested in supporting Black entrepreneurs to their businesses.”

With self-determination and purpose, the group was able to accomplish the task while also lending their talent to black business that needed pro bono support.  Read More in the Washington Informer article:

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