Capital Cause Kicks-Off Round 2 of Justice4

In light of the recent death of Eric Garner, African-American millennials in Washington, DC decided to launch second round of #Justice4 fundraising in order to fund social justice organizations.  Building upon the success of the last circle where 17 Capital Cause young philanthropists raise $3500 to change the lives of 364 citizens, a second group of young philanthropists are working to raise $2,000 to fund initiatives supporting Black men and boys.

Leading the #Justice4 circle in New York City is Ms. Britney Whaley.  She has begun to recruit young philanthropists to fund her initiative.

Leading the #Justice4 circle in Washington, DC is Mr. Dexter McCoy.  He has built a different circle of young philanthropists in the District to raise $2500 to fund the Black Man Can Institute and another social justice organization doing work to support the work of Black men and boys.

Read more about this initiative below and by going to the affiliate website:

What is the #Justice4 Fund?

The #Justice4 Fund is a millennial-led intiaitive created to fund the social justice organizations working to advocate, protect and support Black lives. In September 2014, seventeen (17) members of Capital Cause nonprofit founded the #Justice4 Fund and in 30 days raised $3500 to fund four social justice projects benefiting 364 citizens whose lives have been or will be touched by injustice.

What are the city circles?

Leaders in each Washington, DC, and New York City have committed to raising at least $2,000 to fund at least two social justice projects.  If you reside in one of these cities, or believe in the work organizaitons are doing in these cities, you can donate to support their efforts.  Donors get voting privileges and some donors get other perks!

Why should I support #Justice4?

If you believe Black lives matter; if you believe justice is for all, and not for some; if you believe equal opportunity is not an American myth, we encourage you to fund the projects of social justice trailblazers who are putting boots on the ground to create change!

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