Funded – Be the “ISH” for 25 DC Ward 5 Youth

Funded: Student Gardens for 25 Under-served DC Ward 5 Youth ($2,000 Donated)

Cause:  Health

Project: Five Young Philanthropists crowd-funded a  grant for $2,074 grant to support Institute for Student Health (ISH).  The ISH is a hands-on learning program that involves 25 under-served children living in DC Ward 5 in growing their own produce gardens.  Students participating learn not only how to grow healthy food but also cook healthy food and store it for longer use.

 Impact: 25 Youth that live in low to no-income neighborhoods will learn how to grow and prepare healthy food

Young Philanthropists Participating:  Daphne Charles, Elda Auxiliare, Richard Ezike

UPDATE:   The ISH YP Giving Circle raised over $2,000 and exceeded their fundraising goal.  Due to this team’s efforts, 25 youth will have their tuition fully funded to participate in a healthy-living initiative supported by nonprofit, the Institute for Student Health.  Congratulations to this team for reaching their goal!

Help Fund 25 Student Produce Gardens – Funded

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