Complete – Eliminate A Food Desert in DC Ward 7

Complete – Help Eliminate a Food Desert in DC’s Ward 7

Cause:  Poverty, Health

Project:  Four Young Philanthropists created an action plan that educated 300 DC Ward 7 youth about how to choose healthy food options despite living in a food desert.  For every 70.000 residents in Ward 7, there are two grocery stores.  This means that Ward has officially been classified as a food desert.  This team will work to create a solution to address this.  Join them in their journey to make change.

Impact:  500 DC Ward 7 Residents Gain Access to Healthy Food Options

Young Philanthropists Participating:  Rob Boyd, Jean McLaughlin, Chasity Cooper, Jennifer Spence

UPDATE:   Food Desert’s YP Giving Circle partnered with City Year on May 18, 2013 to facilitate healthy food demos for 165 youth who attended Kelly Miller Middle School in DC’s Ward 7.  Children received strawberry and banana fruit smoothies as a reward for answering questions about how to make healthier choices for their meals.  The Giving Circle returned to Kelly Miller Middle School to continue their outreach efforts and educated approximately 150 youth on how to eat healthy.

 Help Eliminate a Food Desert in DC’s Ward 7 – Complete



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